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part-time parent program

The Part-time Parent Program is an innovative approach to helping parents and teachers stay connected through the use of a HeartSmiles advocate, a Part-time Parent. The Part-Time parent would attend parent/teacher conferences and individual teacher meetings to discuss your child’s academic and behavior standing. Part-Time Parents will give the working parent a seat at the table when they are unavailable.


To start the process of parenting part-time the PTP would meet with the parent to discuss their concerns, questions and goals for their child’s academic success and/or behavioral issues. The PTP would then arrange meetings with the child’s teachers and academic counselors to discuss the issues, address the parent’s concerns and create an action plan that ensures the child’s academic success.


The PTP would then refer the parent to relevant service providers such as tutoring, mentoring and/or counseling services. The parent would choose to accept or decline these services as they see fit however the PTP would continue to stay in frequent contact with the child’s educators and counselors to receive and relay updates/progress to the parent on a weekly basis.


When available, PTP will create video logs of meeting sessions with teacher/counselors and make them accessible for parents to view at their convenience.


At the end of the school year the parent would receive a complete summary of the PTP’s meeting notes, recommendations from the PTP, educators and counselors. They will also receive information regarding resources available to help keep their child on track during the summer break.


PTP will offer services to any parent or legal guardian with a child enrolled in any Baltimore City Public school grades K thru 12. Enrollment for the school year will begin in June and end in August. Space will be limited and client applications will be considered on a first come, first serve basis.  For more information including consideration for enrollment please contact us directly at HeartSmilesMD@gmail.com.

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