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The HeartSmiles Group Home Project is a community effort geared towards supporting our youth as they transition through childhood and into adulthood. We are in the process of owning and operating youth group homes specifically designed to provide a family-like environment and nurturing support system for children in need. Our children come from broken homes, have been abused or are facing homelessness due to no fault of their own. 


HeartSmiles believes that these youth need a strong support system to help guide them through our education system. We believe these children need motivation and positive influences to help them make good decisions and to become effective problem solvers. HeartSmiles believes they need a structured environment that promotes an active and healthy lifestyle. We believe these children need education about how their choices impact their lives, their future and those around them. We believe they need an opportunity to learn from different perspectives, to see and experience culture and history in a way that motivates and inspires positive action. HeartSmiles believes these children simply need someone who cares enough to bestow upon them fierce love and undying compassion. HeartSmiles will give them hope.

HeartSmiles operates on four fundamental principles and four rotating pillars. The principals are Family Environment, Academic Support, Personal Development, and Social Awareness. The rotating pillars surrounding these principals are Academic Mentorship, Physical Health & Wellness, Exploring The Arts, and Professional Grooming.

Family Environment: We will help our youth stay connected to their birth parents and relatives whenever possible. We will accomplish this by providing custom visiting hours for biological relatives and positive adult support. The HeartSmiles Family Staff will schedule daily family meal times, activities and outings.

Academic Support: HeartSmiles will assist our youth with their grade-level studies by supplying tutors and mentors. We will create productive relationships with their teachers and guidance counselors. The HeartSmiles Family Staff will attend parent/teacher conferences and support participation in afterschool activities such as sports and academic clubs.

Academic Mentorship: Each HeartSmiles child will have an IEP (Individual Education Plan). These IEPs will be crafted by academic mentors and will outline specific action steps needed to close achievement gaps. Our  academic mentors will also assist with secondary education application processes and scholarship acquisition.


Personal Development: The HeartSmiles Family Staff will work to build an in-depth relationship with each HeartSmiles child in order to create and execute a personalized development plan. The development plan will be our written guide for each child as he/she transitions into adulthood and independent living, and ultimately becomes a productive citizen.


Physical Health & Wellness: We will host workshops that focus on healthy eating habits and the importance of physical fitness.


Exploring The Arts: We will provide field trips to help our children explore the world of creative arts, music and theater.


Professional Grooming: HeartSmiles will provide assistance with resume' building, job-searching, career planning & placement, social and professional etiquette, mock interviewing, leadership principles, business management skills, as well as money management and saving


Social Awareness: We will work with our youth to build relationships with neighbors and community leaders, and to become active volunteers in surrounding communities.

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