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entrepreneur program

HeartSmiles and BLISS Driving Academy have partnered to provide Baltimore’s Youth with an opportunity to attend a seven week entrepreneur program. This program teaches the fundamentals of creating an entrepreneurial mindset and building a business.  The goal of this partnership is to provide participants will have a better understanding of the basics of entrepreneurship and its components.


During the 7 week program, participants will have an opportunity to attend a two day training session at the Small Business Association building located at 10 S. Howard St. Baltimore, MD 21201. Participants will actively engage with field professionals including marketing specialist, certified public accountants, lawyers and more. In addition participants will have an opportunity to meet with established entrepreneurs and gain mentorship opportunities.


Also, participants will have an opportunity to earn sponsorships from business partners and individual contributors that include the following.


  • Articles of incorporation with the State of Maryland

  • Website design

  • Logo design

  • Professional Social Media business pages

  • Business Cards



Program requirements are as follows.


  • Participants can register online via www.HeartSmilesMD.com or www.BLISSDriving.com

  • This program is open to young adults ages 16 – 21

  • Registration is FREE

  • Participants need to have a valid school I.D or Maryland State Identification card

  • Professional business attire is required for all participants

  • Examining entrepreneurship

  • Assessing participants knowledge of entrepreneurship in an effort to gauge their critical thinking levels on the topic

  • Provide an explanation of the correlation between personal and business finances and provide information on how to successfully manage both

  • Teach techniques to allow industry research to be performed. This research will include an assessment of competitors and an analysis of market demand   

  • Defining target market

  • Knowing and Understanding the importance of credit and how it plays a vital role in obtaining capital to launch business venture

  • An introduction to the 5 stages of the business cycle

  • Detail the importance of developing measurable and attainable goals and provide tools that will assist with this process

  • How to define your product or service from a marketing perspective

  • Implementing various techniques to do industry research which includes competition

During the program the following components will be discussed: